Chai Tow Kway

Chai Tow Kway (White) Recipe


Ingredients A
500ml Water
200g Raddish Shredded
200g Rice Flour

Ingredients B
1tbsp Chilli Paste
1tbsp Garlic Chopped
03 Eggs Beaten
1tsp Fish Sauce
2tsp Minced Preserved Radish (Chai Po) Rinsed


1. Ingredients A: Mix rice flour in 200ml water (7/8 cup). Stir well. Boil shredded radish and salt in remaining water (1 cup) . Pour in rice flour mixture and stir well to make batter.

2. Pour batter into 23cm square baking tray. Steam for 30 minutes till carrot cake is cooked. Allow to cool before cutting into blocks of square.
3. Ingredients B: Heat frying pan till hot then pour in 4 tbsp oil. Heat oil till hot. 
Add 01 serve portion steamed carrot cake.

4. Quickly cut carrot cake into small pieces using frying ladle. Pan-fry till both sides are golden-brown. Push carrot cake aside and leave a hole in middle.

5. Pour in 3 tbsp oil. Add chopped garlic, Chai Po and chili sauce. Stir-fry thoroughly while adding fish sauce. Slowly drizzle beaten eggs over carrot cake Continue to pan-fry till both sides are golden-brown.

6. Add Dark Sweet Sauce for the black version.

7. Transfer to serving dish. Sprinkle with chopped spring onion, chopped coriander leaves and pepper. Serve hot.